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Chlorine is an 19th-century solution of the industrial era. It worked great for cold pool water. But spa heat stirs up a volatile mix of nasty chlorine byproducts - chloramine. Chloramine gases cause mild to severe rashes, mild to severe respiratory problems and shorten the life of your hot tub.

And there are people who think bromine or salt systems are better. Any chemist will tell you that salt and bromine decompose in water to form chlorine. Which begs the question...

...why are you still using chlorine? Aren't you worried about the effects of chlorine on your body?

Introducing Peroxysan

Peroxysan is the non-toxic "natural" germ-fighting solution made from hydrogen peroxide. It's the same chemical our bodies produce to fight disease so it's safe. 

Why Peroxysan?

  • it is heat stable so you can breathe-free and enjoy an odourless dip in your spa
  • it protects your swimwear from bleaching and premature wear
  • it's safe for the environment, dissolving and converting to oxygen and water
  • the formulation protects your hot tub investment from premature wear and damage.
  • it prevents chapping and skin rash so you don't have to worry about how much time you spend in your hot tub

And best of all, Peroxysan's hydrogen peroxide formula is the most used disinfectant in hospitals today. If it's safe for hospitals you can bet it's safe for your spa.