RTRE™= Ultimate Nutritional Support for Circulation and Cardiovascular Function, including gangrene reversal.


RTRE™ – 300 Tabs – is a broad spectrum formula providing vitamins, minerals, lipotropic factors, amino acids and glandulars in the proportions that enable the body’s immune and eliminative systems to cleanse the arteries.  Rich in antioxidants, free radical scavengers and chelating agents.  Makes an ideal multi-vitamin-mineral supplement for anyone over age 45.  [For a full explanation of arterial cleansing, read  ARTERIAL CLEANSING: Non-surgical Solution for Heart Disease.]

Suggested Use: 10 tablets daily, in divided amounts with meals (e.g., 5 breakfast, 5 supper – or – 4 breakfast, 3 lunch, 3 supper). Take at this rate for one month for every 10 years of age (e.g., 5 months for someone aged 50). For long term maintenance, reduce to 5 tablets per day, then once per year increase back to 10 tablets per day for one month (analogous to a spring cleaning).

RTRE - Rowland Formulas